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Friday 7 January 2011

New Year Acrostic Print Poem

I had intended to do lots of 'boys can write' activities with Joe over the holiday, however in reality time was taken up by eating, presents, friends and knackering, unstoppable energy from Joe, he just doesn't quit talking or moving, I was glad to drop him of at school on Tuesday!

We did just find time to create a New Year Acrostic, printed poem. Joe got a fantastic Alphabet Stamp Set in his stocking at Christmas, (I believe you can get them also from Muji) which he used to print his poem.

It's a variation of the traditional Acrostic poem (where each line of the poem would start with a word written vertically) This time Joe used the downward written word in the beginning, middle and ends of this horizontal words. He simply wrote his wishes for the New Year. An older child could develop this with New Years resolutions. 

I like the way he has started creating more diversions, adding a vertical Love to the line Lego Land. Rules in poetry and art are definitely made to be broken... 

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