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Thursday 2 December 2010

Snowflake poems

When Joe had finely defrosted from the sledging (his feet where nearly frost bitten) we worked on some snow poems. He had a go at writing a description of the cold and a snowflake and couldn't resist doing another Acrostic. Inspired by the snow itself, we used wax resist for writing/drawing. The wax resist was a great hit,  like writing hidden secrete spy messages...

Joe's snowflake, concrete poem


You will need a white wax crayon, paper, pen or pencil,  paint or ink. 
  1. Think about being out in the snow; what's it like to touch,  how does it taste, what size are snowflakes, what sounds can you hear, how does it make you feel, what can you see when you look very closely?
  2. Write down (or ask someone else to write for you) your list of descriptive words
  3. Have a look at pictures of snowflakes patterns in a book, or on the internet
  4. With a pencil, draw a faint outline of a snowflake on your paper
  5. With a wax white wax crayon, write your favorite snowy words onto the outline of the snowflake, change the direction of the paper, you can hold the paper up to the light to see where you have written if you get lost
  6. With some watery paint or ink, brush over your wax and like magic the writing should appear!  

snow flake

Joe wrote a lovely short descriptive poem 'snow flake' using the wax resist technique:

light as a feather
now its gone

(I liked his spelling mistake, on his wax version he wrote father instead of feather!)

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