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Sunday 7 November 2010

a lantern poem

We're all a bit sleepy today, so struggled a bit with this, but we wanted to get it finished in time for Bonfire Night. We've used the idea of sending a wish into the sky and mingled it with the names of star constellations. You can find the names, origin, pronunciation and star charts at

a paper sky lantern
pen and paper

1. Think about a wish for yourself and a wish for a friend, family member or the whole world. If you struggle with this, you could use the names of the star constellations for inspiration as Joe did on his example. Write a couple of ideas down (or get someone to write them down for you)

2. Have a look through the list of star constellations, write down the names of any you like.
3. Cut up the lines of wishes and the names of constellations and swirl them up.
4. Write your ideas onto your lantern.
5. Wait till its dark, then light your lantern and send it up to your chosen constellation.

Joe wrote:

I wish for the phoenix spirit
the wings of pegasus
the teeth of canis major the great dog
the horn of the unicorn
the arms of cancer the crab
and the mane of leo the lion

Other ideas: 
a four line wish including the names of four constellations and one astronomical instrument.

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