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Tuesday 26 October 2010

grisly plaster writing

Many boys relish showing of their scars, cuts and bruises, so why not take advantage of their grim nature and encourage them to write about it...

trapped under door
bleed a lot in bath
went black and fell off

1. Picture a time you hurt yourself, fell over, tripped over your shoe laces, banged your toe, fell out of a tree, off a skyscraper... how did you feel? What did your skin look like? What did it look like a week later? Talk through your ideas with a grown up, and then...
2.  If there are any spellings that you are unsure about, practice them on a separate piece of paper
3.  Write down a few words or lines on a fabric plaster
4.  Attach your plaster to the area of your body that was hurt
5.  Wear with pride.

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