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Monday 11 October 2010

concrete hand

How to create your own concrete hand poem:

1. Draw around your hand, or ask a friend or grown up to draw round it for you.
2. Think of all of the things you have touched today, and how those things felt on your hand.
3. Practice spelling any words you might have difficulty with on a piece of paper (the example below has practice spellings on the same page, you could use a different page if you like).
4. Fill in your hand drawing with all of the words, turning the paper in lots of different directions, and following the lines of the outline. You could even take a close look at your palm and recreate the lines of your hand on your drawing.

Joe's concrete hand

Why not have a look at images of Palmistry, the art of telling the future through the study of the palm? There are some beautiful illustrations to inspire you that can to be found on the internet. Or perhaps you could find some undiscovered ones in that old, old book on your great grandpa's bookshelf...

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