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Monday 27 September 2010

maps and diagrams

The theory is that boys catch up with girls when it comes to understanding maps and diagrams.

"The difference (reading ability) between boys and girls was smaller when the item contained non-continuous texts such as charts, maps and diagrams." From the fascinating 'Differences in reading between boys and girls.' The European Educational Research Association.

family map
Joe certainly seemed to enjoy combining maps and diagrams with words, I loved the fact that it also involved other subjects - graphics, geography and science.  The family map worked well, and could be adapted, for example making a map of friends, or favorite places to visit, or an imaginary map, the variations are as big as their imaginings:

1. Draw an outline of your town, city, Britain, or Europe or the world, depending on where family live.
2. Try to locate where they live on your map.
3. Write down the place name, and the list of people living there.
4. Add decorations if you want, like flags or compasses, or some ruthless monsters/relatives. 

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