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Thursday 16 September 2010


Some days it's like pulling very entrenched teeth, getting my son to write. At the beginning of the summer we set the challenge for him to create a journal. He started full of excitement and enthusiasm, but fairly soon it became a chore for him. We stuck at it, with gritted teeth, and slowly writing became a habit. What I realized was the need to be creative in my approach.

Like most 6 year olds, Joe has a custom-made sense of humour. A trip to the Maze at Lyme Park inspired this piece of writing. Once he got started and the lines made him laugh, he wouldn't stop, it became a game, so off he went and got lost. I'm going to get him to write down some of his jokes next time. Brace yourselves.

we got lost. Joe 

Humour often occurs in our work with arthur+martha. In a hospital setting, working with older people in physical and mental pain, humour can be a release and a wonderful survival method. All's well that ends well, is part of the series a wee star coming through.

All's well that ends well. Anonymous

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